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About the Comic

EXcecation is a hard science fiction story set in a distant future that looks disconcertingly like our past. It tells the story of a person that this world had become blind to, to be vauge about it. Specifically, Excecation is about a lady assasin who kills people for very large quantities of money, who has just been offered the only thing she ever wanted.

It is a story about complacency, blindess, and the consequences of backwards thinking.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. This means fanart/fiction are totally cool, and you can post comic pages elsewhere, provided you link back to me here and won't be making any money off it (since I don't!).

Cast (in Order of apperance)

More added as they appear

A Mysterious person "Serpent" - Appears to be the main character at this point. She looks like she had a long night, possibly involving guns. Serpent doesn't seem to be her real name. Also has traumatic flashbacks when people mention Victor Levin apparently
uglyphone is UUUUGGGGLLLYY Ugly telephone - Device used for communication. No feelings, but must know that it is ugly.
Walters in a telephone booth. No, he does not have a superman cosutume on underneath Walters of the West End Gang - Willing to pay alot of money for a job do be done all secret like. Apparently didn't know his contact was a woman.
no image Victor Levin - Some dead guy.
They just turn on you so quickly! Nasty Cop - I'm sure he just gets a worse rap than he deserves, really.
You shouldn't sneak up behind people like that. Creepy guy in the alley Felix Valentine - Quite possibly up to no good. An old buisness aquaintance of the Serpent. Pretty quick to violence, and recently had his nose broken by the back of someone's head. It hurt. A lot.
Angry face! Mary Owns and or operates the building that Serpent live in along with other ladies of questionable virtue. Takes a dim view of wearing mens clothes, not going to church, and attracting police attention. It is unclear if she's actually a pimp or just turns a blind eye.

About the Author

K. Shorten (AKA Ursula Minor) is one of those menacing Humanist Atheists that are apparently the cause of all moral decay and the economic crisis, despite the fact that she is Canadian. When she isn't out ruining the moral fibre of society, she also enjoys reading, drawing this comic, drawing other things , and cooking (with or without gas). She wishes her life was like a Wikipedia article, and therefore cross references it accordingly.

She is also a full time undergraduate student, and three years running secretary President-elect of her Rotaract club.

If you want to reach her about comic stuff, she can be emailed at excecation [at] gmail [dot] com