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Comics you should be reading right now

XKCD Full of excellent humour about the LHC, love, copyright protected music, and James Bond strapped to a centerfuge. A geek must if you want to sound cool at the types of parties held by people who think that graphs are awesome.
Antimony attends Gunnerkrigg court, a school that is dripping with secrets. Absolutely FANTASTIC environment design - the world is incredebly immersive and curiously balanced between technology and ghosts.
Ice by Faith Erin Hicks London has been sunk into a permenant winter. There's an energy crisis on, and the monarchy is back on top. Faith Erin Hicks has a fantastic style and the concept is top notch. Unfortunately (Fortunately?) for us she also does paid comic work, so updates are slow. (That doesn't stop me from checking the website once a week at least though).
5ideways by K Sandra Fuhr One day physics stopped working, and the world went pretty much to hell. Follows the survivors, who are a little less than normal themselves. Genuinely creepy, innovative, and great style. Sandra also does other comics, so 5ideways is slow to update as well.
Kagerou Kagerou is messed up - in a good way. This certainly isn't your standard guy-brought-in-as-champion-to-save-the-fantasy-universe story - not when the "Champion" is more unstable than a toothpick bridge in an earthquake. I suppose it warants a warning for being dark and twisty, as well as for the gore, but still an excellent read nonetheless. Again, sporadic updates.
Digger is free now. You must go read it. Seriously. I very much envy the art of Ursula Vernon, and the style of Digger, which I have attempted to emulate unsucessfully many, many, times. Oh, and the titular character is a Wombat. Enough said.


Thrice Bound A story of Life, death and the (il)logical. Made by one of by buddies, and is very, very cool.

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