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Moving aronud

Comic up today ^_^. Man I'm lucky I get really productive when avoiding studing for exams. There is a new vote as well, if you guys want some extra sketches

The last couple have weeks have been pretty busy for me. I moved, technically twice, in the space of four days, and all the associated busy losing things that go with that. I realized far too late that all of my files with the header banner in them are on my other machine which sits halfway across the country at the moment. The main comic files are all with me, however, so that's a relief.

I need to get into a groove of comic making again. The more free time I have, it seems, the less efficient I am in drawing pages. Hopefully my page production will go up once I start work, even if it means draging my laptop in every day to do comic pages on my lunchbreak.

Thanks for reading so far!

posted by Ursula Minor @ May 8th, 2009, 1:01 pm   0 Comments