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Why I am a tool

... Or otherwise the story of how I got in way over my head.

I'm not going to lie - for the past three months I've over estimated my time managment skills, and underestimated how much work my fourth year + being president of a charitable organization + undergraduate thesis would be. I had beautiful, rose coloured glasses on where I could do all these things and still get enough sleep to preserve my sanity.

So, yeah, I dropped the ball, big time. I'm going to slowly get back on track, but I just can't keep up the rate of page production I had before the semester started. But I'm going to try to return to it in my spare time and get some pages out. I don't really want this thing to die.

So, if anyone sticks around, thanks a million - I really appreciate it.

Cheers, and all that;

Ursula Minor

p.s. I actually did get one down, and it's posted today. Guesture of good faith and all that.

posted by Ursula Minor @ November 27th, 2009, 9:41 am   0 Comments